Are There Limits To The Medical Treatment I Can Receive?

If you have suffered a serious injury or illness that will keep you from working, you may be wondering what limits there are to the medical treatment you can receive from workers’ compensation? Like most aspects of the law, the answer to this question changes frequently, and in this case, the answer is less beneficial to injured workers in New York than it used to be.

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Permission For Medical Treatment

In December 2010, injured New York workers’ access to medical care changed dramatically under workers’ compensation law. Before that time, a doctor needed permission from the insurance carrier to provide any treatment worth more than $1,000. This requirement was removed in December, resulting in one of the most significant changes to workers’ compensation since its inception.

Although this change to the medical treatment limits would seem to provide greater access to medical care for injured New Yorkers, it actually has had the opposite effect. The new guidelines set out a process by which a doctor can provide treatment worth more than $1,000. If the doctor follows the process, he or she does not need authorization. Doctors are dealing with the system under the fear that they will be held liable for possible missteps in the procedures. These complicated procedures include incredibly strict guidelines that ultimately make access to medical procedures like fusion surgery even more challenging for injured workers in New York. The new guidelines also limit the extent of physical therapy or treatment that injured workers can receive.

If you are in need of medical care worth more than $1,000, it is important, under the new guidelines, to work with an experienced legal team. Our attorneys can help you through the legal process and explore other means of financial compensation for your injuries.

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