Get Compensation For A Forklift Accident

Forklift operators and other construction professionals face great risk and deadly dangers on a daily basis. New York construction companies must maintain high standards of safety while workers need to be aware of their surroundings. However, there are occasions when tragedy occurs in the form of a forklift accident.

Experienced In Forklift-Related Claims

Forklifts are heavy vehicles that can move quickly. Accidents involve the forklift tipping over or colliding with another vehicle or worker on a construction site. Injuries are often serious and potentially deadly. Hard-working construction professionals are suddenly out of work, wondering when or if they will return.

At Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C., we strive to simplify the sometimes complex legal process, answer all questions and remain at the side of our clients until the case is resolved.

The first step we take while they focus on recovery involves a thorough investigation. We uncover information based on the maintenance of the forklift and any possible design or manufacturing defects. We also look at any safety measures taken and the actual need for a forklift to perform a certain task.

Once we have determined the cause of the accident and the party responsible, we move forward with any of the following claims:

Our legal team of experienced workers’ compensation lawyers dedicates their resources and efforts to help injured workers. The physical pain and suffering of a forklift accident combines with stress and uncertainty. A career is interrupted or may be at an end. A family is left grieving over the loss of a primary wage earner.

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