Workers’ Compensation For Repetitive Motion Injuries

Following an accident at work, specific steps must be taken. That includes contacting an attorney to help you through a complicated, lengthy and sometimes frustrating process. While there was no singular event, you are suffering from physical pain from repetitive work-related tasks performed over a lengthy amount of time. While an insurance company may minimize the damage, our job is to build a fact-based case when a career may be at an end.

At Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C., we have dedicated our entire legal practice to helping injured workers in various injuries. On their behalf, we pursue maximum workers’ compensation claims for the repetitive motion injuries they have suffered.

Helping Clients Secure Workers’ Compensation For Repetitive Motion Injuries

New York law does recognize occupational diseases that occur when a worker does the same thing every day. Winding wire, hammering nails, installing carpet and turning up chairs day after day can result in injuries that range from carpal tunnel to serious back damage. Occupational diseases can also be the result of a toxic environment that makes workers sick over time.

The challenge we face on behalf of our clients is proving the on-the-job injury. Without a clear-cut moment when an accident occurs, claims involving repetitive work activities require thorough investigations enhanced by the verification by a medical professional.

Our attorneys have handled a wide range of workers’ compensation claims involving repetitive motion injuries. We understand that living with pain and uncertainty can be one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. We strive to simplify the process while our clients focus on recovery.

Let Us Review The Facts Of Your Case

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