How To Appeal An SSDI Case

Do not lose hope. Most injured workers who have been denied disability benefits more than once get discouraged, and understandably so: It is a long, complex and emotionally taxing process, and after a few denials, it begins to look like the benefits will not come at all. If you are in this position, you need to know that there is still a chance to obtain the benefits you need.

Talk with a lawyer from Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C. Since our beginning as Silverman & Silverman in 1940, we have been helping injured workers obtain much-needed benefits. Our Schenectady disability appeals lawyers have the experience, focus and dedication to represent you before the Social Security Appeals Council (SSAC) to fight for your benefits.

The Challenges Of SSDI Appeals ∙ The Importance Of Experienced Counsel

It is essential to work with experienced Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) attorneys for your appeal because there are many challenges in the appeals process, including:

  • The requirement of error: The appeals judge will not be taking another fresh look at the substance of your case. Rather, the focus of the appeal is on the administrative law judge’s (ALJ) actions and decision. There needs to be some kind of clear error on the part of the ALJ to overturn his or her denial of your application.
  • The appeals judge’s bias: The appeals judge is looking at your denial for any good excuse to let the ALJ’s opinion stand. If there is any good reason, and no major procedural errors by the ALJ, the appeals judge will almost certainly affirm the denial of your claim.
  • The odds: Successful SSDI appeals are not common.

Although you have had your application denied at least twice and the situation probably looks bleak, there is still a chance that we can help you obtain the benefits you need. We have been handling appeals for many decades, and in that time, we have helped many New York clients in your position receive SSDI benefits at the appeal stage after numerous denials. Contact us.

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