The Intersection Between Workers’ Compensation And SSDI

If you are eligible for both workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, it is paramount that you hire an attorney who has experience with both of these programs. Although they are distinct programs, they do not exist totally independent of each other. Without careful planning, based on experience and knowledge, you could find yourself paying a significant portion of your benefits from workers’ compensation back into Social Security.

Talk with one of our lawyers as soon as possible. Since our inception as Silverman & Silverman in the 1940s, we have focused all of our professional attention on helping our clients maximize their benefits for injuries and illnesses that limit their ability to work. Our attorneys understand the challenges you face with your work-hindering injuries, and we understand how the law applies to workers’ compensation and SSDI benefits. We can help you avoid some common pitfalls in the process and maximize your compensation.

Avoid SSDI Offsets ∙ Maximize Your Benefits

Many people who receive workers’ compensation also qualify for SSDI. This is good news for most. The intersection of workers’ compensation and SSDI can be a complicated affair, however, and it is easy to make errors that could result in Social Security taking an offset from your workers’ comp benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a complex formula to determine whether you have an offset, considering your average current earnings compared with the amount of your workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes an injured worker will fight for higher benefits only to have those extra benefits subtracted from their SSDI benefits.

If you are eligible for both SSDI and workers’ compensation benefits, it is essential to work with a legal team that is experienced with both of these programs and knows how they work together. The lawyers of Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C., can help you maximize your benefits.

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