What types of workers’ compensation benefits are there?

Workers’ compensation provides lost wage benefits as well as medical payment benefits for people injured on the job.

When people agree to go to work for a company in New York, one of the things that they should be able to trust in is that their employers will provide them with a safe working environment. This includes many things including training all employees about safety practices or rules as well as making sure that hazards are avoided.

Even with these expectations in place, on-the-job accidents can and do happen. In addition, some people develop sicknesses or other conditions due to the environments in which they work. When this happens, some people are forced to take time away from their jobs. This reduces their pay and may hinder their ability to provide for their family. What can they do when this happens?

Understanding workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is a special type of insurance essentially that is designed specifically to provide financial assistance to people who have experienced work-related injuries or illnesses. This includes lost wage benefits as well as payment for medical care.

Some people may confuse this with Social Security Disability. However, according to the Social Security Administration, this type of benefit is for non-work-related disabilities expected to last more than a year or to be terminal.

The New York State Department of Health also offers a disability program but it is again not for people whose conditions, injuries or disabilities are related to their employment.

Different types of disabilities

The New York Workers’ Compensation Board classifies disabilities into different categories. These categories are important when it comes to determining the amount of money people may receive for workers’ compensation payments.

Disabilities may be total such as if a person is completely unable to work in any capacity or partial if a person can do some work but not to the extent that they were able to do before the injury or the illness.

In addition, a disability may be permanent or temporary. An example of a permanent disability is if the employee is not expected to recover to their pre-injury or illness state such as after the loss of limbs. A temporary disability is determined if full recovery is expected.

Loss of wage benefits based on disability type

The nature of the disability and the person’s earnings prior to their disability together are used in a formula to determine the amount of money they can receive each week to cover some amount of their lost wages. There is a maximum to this benefit regardless of the person’s pre-injury or pre-illness earnings.

When New York residents are injured or become ill on the job, it is advisable to talk with an attorney. This provides people with the best information possible about how to receive the benefits they fully deserve.