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We proudly serve clients in Schenectady, Syracuse, Utica and the surrounding areas, plus Glens Falls, Albany and the entire Capital District.

Every call is taken by an attorney

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We proudly serve clients in Schenectady, Syracuse, Utica and the surrounding areas, plus Glens Falls, Albany and the entire Capital District.

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Tips For Improving Safety On New York Construction Sites

Construction workers face a number of hazards on the job, which may result in accidents that cause serious or fatal occupational injuries.

Construction workers in Schenectady, and throughout New York, design, build and repair buildings, homes, roads and other structures. Due to their working environment, and the nature of their work, those in the construction industry face a number of occupational hazards. In fact, the New York Daily News reports that there were 18 construction workers killed on the job between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015. During that same time frame, many more suffered serious work-related injuries. While some dangers in this field are inherent, there are things that people can do to improve their safety while working on construction sites.

Common Construction Site Hazards

Many injuries that occur on construction sites can be attributed to one of four primary causes. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these including falling, being electrocuted, getting struck by objects, or getting caught in or between equipment. As a result of such accidents, people may suffer serious or fatal injuries, which may entitle them to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Avoiding Falls

Workers on construction sites frequently work at heights, often using scaffolds and ladders. By wearing a safety harness, and ensuring they stay connected, construction workers may avoid some fall accidents. It is also advisable that people use lifelines or guardrails while working above the ground. Before using such equipment, it is suggested that workers inspect their gear to make sure it is set up properly and is in working order.

Preventing Electrocutions

On construction sites, people may work on electric circuits, or otherwise use electricity. In order to avoid electric shocks and electrocutions, it is recommended that workers check their tools, extension cords, plugs and outlets to make sure they are in good condition. Such things should not be used if they are damaged. It is also advisable for workers to keep temporary lighting sources elevated, and to make sure they close all electrical panels. Furthermore, it is important for workers on construction sites to avoid wet conditions, such as wearing wet clothing or standing in water, because these may increase their risk for electrocutions.

Deterring Struck By And Caught In Accidents

Whether operating equipment or tools, or just walking from one area to another, attentiveness is vital on construction sites. By staying alert at all times, workers may avoid some struck by, caught in or caught between construction site accidents. Being aware while on the job site may also help people from striking other workers with the equipment or tools they are using. Furthermore, it is suggested that construction workers avoid gathering or standing in working areas unless it is necessary.

Seeking Legal Guidance

Following any type of work-related injury, whether serious or not, an injured worker may certainly need medical assistance and treatment. And of course, following any significant injury, injured workers often lose time from work and are therefore in desperate needs of continued income. This is where Worker’s Compensation should come into the picture but alas often it does not. Even when the compensation carrier appears to accept the claim, payments may not be at the correct rate. It is often a wise choice to seek legal representation in workers compensation claims.