Injured On the Job? New Workers’ Comp Rules May Leave Your Head Spinning

In the aftermath of a workplace injury, slicing through the red tape of the New York workers’ compensation process is something you may be ill-equipped for. You just want to get better, and need the money you’re entitled to in order to see you through your time of need. Now, a new set of medical testing regulations could further complicate your pursuit of workers’ comp benefits.

Regulations Require Workers to Go to In Network Testing Facilities

Workers’ compensation provides payments for wage replacement and medical expenses during the time an employee is incapacitated by an on the job injury. It is often thought of as “insurance” against any type of workplace injury. Workers’ compensation claimants do not have to prove fault on the part of their employer in order to collect benefits; they do, however, have to provide evidence of their injury.

Of course, medical examinations and tests are usually instrumental in proving the existence of a workplace injury. Recently, the New York Workers’ Compensation Board adopted a new set of diagnostic testing network regulations.

In essence, if a workers’ comp carrier or self-insured employer contracts with a diagnostic testing network, the new regulations require workers’ compensation claimants to obtain diagnostic exams and testing within that network. Plainly put, if you suffer an on the job injury, rather than relying solely on a doctor of your choosing to gather medical evidence, you may have to find a doctor within your workers’ comp provider’s chosen network.

If You’ve Suffered a Workplace Injury, You Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney

The new requirements could mean you have more difficulty navigating the already obfuscating process of applying for workers’ compensation; they could also increase the chances of your claim being denied based on a medical review by a doctor with significant ties to your workers’ comp carrier.

There are exceptions to the requirement to use a diagnostic testing network, and if your workers’ comp claim is denied, you can appeal the decision. But, without the right help, you may not have the wherewithal to take advantage of such procedural opportunities.

With an experienced workers’ compensation attorney by your side, your claim is more likely to be approved, approved quickly and be for the full amount you are entitled to. Going through the process alone is like fumbling for a light switch in the dark – but with the help of a workers’ compensation attorney, your situation will be illuminated and you can focus your energy on recovery.