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June 2016 Archives

Loophole gets some companies out of paying workers' compensation

Over the past few decades, the New York economy has changed in many ways. People have gone from working at a business their entire adult lives to changing jobs with more regularity. It is often unlikely that any employee stays with the same employer from the time he or she starts working until the retirement.

Are security guards at risk of injuries on the job?

When people think about jobs that include providing security to people and property, the first occupation that comes to mind may be police officer. However, many jobs have security as part of their job description. Private security guards are used in many New York workplaces. These include bouncers, security guards at stores and businesses, night watch guards and armored car guards. These people are responsible for preventing theft, violence and defusing other dangerous situations. Much like police officers, private security guards often face dangerous situations at work.

Employers and OSHA reporting

New York employees can face serious dangers at their places of employment. These hazards can lead to a variety of serious injuries that can leave an employee hospitalized or worse. Employers have a variety of responsibilities to try and prevent these accidents from occurring. However, not every accident will be prevented in New York workplaces.

What are the dangers of diesel exhaust?

Many workers in New York face serious dangers in the workplace. They may think that these dangers only come from obvious things, like dangerous tools. However, often the danger is much more difficult to spot. For example, many workers are placed in danger from diesel exhaust.

OSHA provides rights to workers who are hurt on the job

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, is a part of the federal government. Its protections may apply to workers in Schenectady as well as to workers in other parts of New York and throughout the rest of the country. When a worker is hurt while performing the duties of his employment, OSHA may grant that individual certain rights to allow him to be compensated for his losses.

Construction accidents cause more than just physical harm

A construction accident can happen on any construction site. With the slip of the tool, or one careless mistake, serious injuries can occur. Sometimes, these injuries occur without fault to anyone at all. The nature of construction work makes it very dangerous and most construction workers understand that risks are an inherent part of the job.

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