Many workers in New York face serious dangers in the workplace. They may think that these dangers only come from obvious things, like dangerous tools. However, often the danger is much more difficult to spot. For example, many workers are placed in danger from diesel exhaust.

Diesel exhaust is emitted by many pieces of heavy equipment used in a variety of different industries. It is made up of dangerous chemicals and carbon compounds that can seriously affect the health and safety of a worker. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, diesel exhaust can cause dizziness, headache, nose and throat issues, irritation in the eyes and more. Over the long term, exposure to diesel exhaust can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems including lung cancer.

A variety of different occupations can see the effects of diesel exhaust. These include miners, loading dock workers, oil and gas workers, tunnel and bridge workers, construction workers and anyone working with heavy equipment.

There are a variety of ways that employers can help to keep workers safe from diesel exhaust. These include using cleaner burning engines, forming performing maintenance on existing machines, using exhaust filters and using special fuels to help cut back on the amount of exhaust emitted.

Workers in New York that are placed in danger by diesel exhaust should understand their legal rights. Workers’ compensation may be available to employees who are hurt in the workplace. Whether this comes from an injury or occupational disease compensation can help cover medical expenses, lost wages and more. An attorney can give specific legal advice to individuals who have been hurt in the workplace.