When people think about jobs that include providing security to people and property, the first occupation that comes to mind may be police officer. However, many jobs have security as part of their job description. Private security guards are used in many New York workplaces. These include bouncers, security guards at stores and businesses, night watch guards and armored car guards. These people are responsible for preventing theft, violence and defusing other dangerous situations. Much like police officers, private security guards often face dangerous situations at work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who work in security guard jobs are more likely to face fatal workplace injuries as a result of a homicide then other private industries. In 2007, security guards faced fatal injuries at a rate of 9.4 fatalities per every 100,000 workers. Of these fatal injuries, 51 percent were the result of homicides.

However, the risk of homicides is not the only risk that security guards face for workplace injuries. Non-fatal injuries and illnesses occurred at a rate of 107.8 per 10,000 workers. Many of these injuries are caused by violence or assault. However, security guards were also injured in falls, in many cases. Often, these workplace injuries required at least one day away from the job.

There are many risks to New York workers in any occupation. People need to be aware of the possibility of workplace injuries in order to try and help to prevent them. However, when workplace injuries occur, injured workers need to understand their legal rights. In many cases, they have the right to workers’ compensation to cover expenses related to the accident. An attorney may be able to give specific legal advice about workers’ compensation issues.