A construction accident can happen on any construction site. With the slip of the tool, or one careless mistake, serious injuries can occur. Sometimes, these injuries occur without fault to anyone at all. The nature of construction work makes it very dangerous and most construction workers understand that risks are an inherent part of the job.

But, workers may not be clear about all the damage that these injuries can cause. People may think only about physical injuries. While physical injuries from construction accidents can be devastating, they are only one part of what happens in a construction accident.

In addition to physical losses, many injured construction workers also suffer financially. They may lose days on the job site and subsequently lose valuable income. This income might be essential for these workers. Without this income, many individuals may not be able to pay bills as they come due and may suffer financial setbacks as a result.

Additionally, construction workers may be left with large medical bills to pay following an injury. As people are trying to recover, these bills start to pour in. It can be difficult to imagine paying medical bills even with health insurance. There are many costs that are not covered and can leave families in financial ruin.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid these financial issues following a construction accident. By filing a workers’ compensation claim, workers can get these extra expenses covered. However, workers’ compensation is not always automatic or easily obtained. Often, the help of a skilled attorney is necessary to get construction workers the compensation they need.

Our New York State attorneys have experience working on behalf of construction workers in New York. We can help these workers understand their legal rights and the technical complexities that must be met before compensation is released. Our attorneys work hard to ensure that construction workers get what they deserve. For more information about our law firm and construction accidents in New York, please see our construction accidents webpage.