The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, is a part of the federal government. Its protections may apply to workers in Schenectady as well as to workers in other parts of New York and throughout the rest of the country. When a worker is hurt while performing the duties of his employment, OSHA may grant that individual certain rights to allow him to be compensated for his losses.

For example, OSHA regulates a number of topics that can cause workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses. It regulates if and how workers may be exposed to biological and chemical products and it regulates industry-specific issues such as construction and maritime safety. For office workers, OSHA regulates safety through the implementation of ergonomic standards.

In the event that a worker is hurt on the job, he may have certain rights under OSHA’s regulations. Particularly, an injured worker cannot be fired for utilizing the protections that OSHA offers and in fact an employer may be required to inform a worker of his rights under OSHA’s rules. A worker may request that OSHA inspect his place of employment for compliance with the agency’s mandates and after such an inspection that worker may review the findings of OSHA.

Workers may also file complaints against their employers with OSHA if their employers do not fix the dangerous conditions that pose threats to their workers’ health and safety. Though not every workplace accident is the result of an OSHA violation, an injured worker may wish to investigate whether his harm was caused by deficiencies in his employer’s OSHA responsibilities. Employers who are in violation of OSHA standards may be held accountable for the harm their practices have caused to their workers.