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January 2017 Archives

Know the timeline of the workers' compensation process

When workers in New York suffer an injury on the job, fear and confusion are oftentimes the most immediate emotional responses. The unfortunate reality is that workplace accidents occur frequently, so at any given time there are usually thousands of workers in New York who may be involved in some stage of the workers' compensation process. New York residents who find themselves in this position need to know what to expect from that process.

Student loan debt is adversely affecting social security checks

As baby-boomers reach the age of retirement, they should be considered about the affect that the nation's unpaid student loan debt could have on their social security checks. Student loan debt has been an increasingly alarming issue as thousands have opted not to pay their student loan debts back to the federal government. In order to help cover the debt, the government has been garnishing wages of social security recipients in order to pay back those debts. This has been affecting those receiving disability benefits as well.

Are workers' compensation changes on the way?

Most of our readers in New York know that the workers' compensation system is in place for those workers who suffer injuries or who contract illnesses on the job. Injured or ill workers who are unable to return to work while they recover may be eligible for these benefits, which help bridge the gap when it comes to lost wages. However, much like any government-run program, the workers' compensation system in New York is not without the need for some changes. According to a recent report, changes may be on the way if Governor Andrew Cuomo succeeds in one of his pledges for his term in office.

What are basic eligibility requirements to be considered for SSD?

Have you ever received a paycheck and wondered where your federally taxed portion of earnings was going? There are a few sectors of the government that tax income, but one agency that receives federally taxed income is social security. Social security covers several types of publicly funded assistance programs, one of them being social security disability. Social security disability is a government program that funds people who have been rendered unable to work due to injury or illness.

Construction worker suffers leg injury after fall

Working in an industry like construction has certain perks and benefits. However, one major downside to working in the construction industry is the high risk of injury that many face while performing tasks on the job. Most construction workers face dangers such as heights, heavy machinery and other inherently dangerous situations on a daily basis. One such New York construction worker suffered a workplace injury while working on a project in Chelsea.

Common frustrations for people seeking worker's compensation

You have been injured on the job in New York state, and now you are seeking worker's compensation. The process can be frustrating, so knowing what other people have gone through may help you feel less alone.

A checklist for applying for Social Security Disability benefits

Our readers in New York may know that applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a difficult task. First, applicants must gather all of the appropriate documentation to provide to the Social Security Administration. Next, they must wait while the application is reviewed. Then, if the application is denied upon initial review, applicants may need to go through the appeals process. As with many aspects of dealing with the government, the first step - the initial application - is crucial. If applicants don't provide all of the requisite information to show that they meet the requirements to receive Social Security Disability benefits, denial is likely.

Can New York residents who receive SSD benefits return to work?

One of the core requirements that New York residents must meet when attempting to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits is that documentation must show that the disability in question will keep the applicant from being able to work for 12 months or longer. This inability to work is, obviously, one of the driving forces behind most applications for Social Security Disability benefits. However, does this mean that a New York resident who receives SSD benefits won't ever be allowed to return to work?

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