You have been injured on the job in New York state, and now you are seeking worker’s compensation. The process can be frustrating, so knowing what other people have gone through may help you feel less alone.

Your first claim has been denied

You did everything correctly and have a justifiable, straightforward case, yet your claim has been denied. It may have happened because your employer fought it (for example, saying your injury happened when you were not at work) or because you did not have an attorney to ensure all needed documentation had been filed. In fact, there could be many reasons, and it is fairly common for a first claim to be turned down.

Your SSDI application has been denied too

Speaking of denials, one may have happened when you applied for SSDI. Perhaps you needed updated medical reports or made an honest mistake. Most of the time, an attorney should be able to help.

You feel like you cannot work

Not being able to work is frustrating for many reasons. First, you may feel the itch to work but be physically unable. Second, worker’s compensation in New York state calls for you to be “looking for work within your physical abilities. This may mean working outside your previous occupation.” Your injury may be so severe that you cannot look for work, or yo u enjoy your field and do not want to look outside of it. However, this requirement is inflexible. You must follow it to get continuing benefits, but an expert can explain how to comply with it in your situation.

The process is overwhelming

Many publications and websites consist of complex language. Even those that are written in relatively plain language are long and overwhelming. You got hurt on the job, and that is all there should be to it. You deserve a straightforward and easy application process.

Nothing seems to be happening

You may have difficulty getting information on your case. Weeks have gone by without any apparent action. You have no idea if important documents have made their way into your file. You just know that you have not been paid and that you should have gone before a judge long ago.

There is no doubt that seeking worker’s compensation is often frustrating and complicated. Even once you have begun receiving payments, continuing to receive them is far from a given. Speaking with an attorney may help the process go much more smoothly and successfully.