When workers in New York suffer an injury on the job, fear and confusion are oftentimes the most immediate emotional responses. The unfortunate reality is that workplace accidents occur frequently, so at any given time there are usually thousands of workers in New York who may be involved in some stage of the workers’ compensation process. New York residents who find themselves in this position need to know what to expect from that process.

First and foremost, workers who are injured on the job will need to seek the appropriate medical treatment for the injury. The worker’s health is of primary concern. But, while this treatment is happening, it is important for the injured patient to realize that keeping track of the medical records that are being generated can be crucial in a workers’ compensation claim.

The next step involves notifying the employer, if the employer isn’t already aware of the situation. From there, the injured worker should be ready to file the workers’ compensation claim. But, it is important to remember that there may be certain timeframes attached to the claims process; file too late and the claim may be automatically denied. However, if the claim is submitted within the appropriate timeframe and is still denied, there is one other hope for the injured worker: an appeal of that decision.

Workers’ compensation is in place to help those New York residents who suffer an injury on the job and won’t be able to immediately return to work. Filing a claim to receive workers’ compensation benefits can be of great help for injured workers. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help New York residents with this process, please visit our website.