One of the core requirements that New York residents must meet when attempting to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits is that documentation must show that the disability in question will keep the applicant from being able to work for 12 months or longer. This inability to work is, obviously, one of the driving forces behind most applications for Social Security Disability benefits. However, does this mean that a New York resident who receives SSD benefits won’t ever be allowed to return to work?

There may come a point in time when people who receive SSD benefits begin to think that they might be able to rejoin the workforce. After all, some disabilities do improve over time, while many other people begin to adapt to their disability and function at a relatively high level. When New York residents want to attempt to return to work after becoming disabled, the Social Security Administration actually has a program to help.

The program, known as “Ticket to Work,” can be a beneficial resource for many people who receive SSD benefits. The program offers job training and vocational rehabilitation, as well as referrals for employment. When someone has been out of the workforce for an extended period of time due to a drastic change in circumstances like a disability, this type of program can be quite useful.

Not all people who receive SSD benefits will need this financial resource until the day they die. Some will be able to return to the workforce in some capacity. Knowing this could help potential applicants who may be hesitant about applying for SSD benefits in the first place.

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