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November 2016 Archives

Following the steps in the workers' compensation process

When workers in New York get injured on the job, there are some immediate concerns to address. First and foremost, injured workers need to seek the medical treatment that is necessary to address the injury and begin the path toward recovery. If the injury is serious enough, most of an injured employee's co-workers will know about it and will, hopefully, do everything they can to let management know about the situation and get emergency medical personnel on the scene quickly. However, after the initial medical treatment is received, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order for the injured worker to get through the workers' compensation process.

Basic facts about brain injury

One of the most serious and hardest to treat injuries that American workers face is traumatic brain injury. That's because brain injuries often go undetected at first, and their full effects are rarely known until the body has had time to process the trauma and begin healing. Only then, after the brain has had a chance to rebalance itself, does it become clear exactly which long-term effects individuals are dealing with.

Two transit workers involved in fatal workplace accident

Many people in New York are employed at jobs where there is a minimal expectation of a possibility of a serious workplace accident occurring. Some people sit at a desk all day, while others might be on the phone or working in the service industry. For these employees, workplace injuries are rare. However, workers in other jobs face the daily possibility of being involved in a fatal workplace accident.

Who will end up receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

Many of our readers in New York know that millions of Americans receive Social Security Disability benefits. The reasons that a person might end up receiving SSD benefits can be widely varied. Some, for instance, suffer a serious injury in a work accident, resulting in a complete inability to work thereafter. Others face a disability due to a serious illness, such as cancer or a heart condition. With the many different ways in which a person could end up depending on Social Security Disability benefits, it probably seems like disability could just about happen to anyone.

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