Many of our readers in New York know that millions of Americans receive Social Security Disability benefits. The reasons that a person might end up receiving SSD benefits can be widely varied. Some, for instance, suffer a serious injury in a work accident, resulting in a complete inability to work thereafter. Others face a disability due to a serious illness, such as cancer or a heart condition. With the many different ways in which a person could end up depending on Social Security Disability benefits, it probably seems like disability could just about happen to anyone.

And, in fact, the statistics bear out that becoming disabled may be more apt to happen than most people think. The Social Security Administration reports that of all of the country’s current 20-year-olds, approximately one-fourth will become disabled before they reach the retirement age of 67. What can a New York resident do when faced with an inability to work due to a disability?

Well, the first step in any attempt to be approved for SSD benefits is to fill out and submit the initial application. This can be the most difficult part of the process. Applicants will need to gather all of the requisite documentation of their work history and medical records of the reported disability. The point of the application is to make it clear to the Social Security Administration on their first review that the applicant needs to be approved for benefits.

However, even if an applicant’s initial attempt to qualify to receive SSD benefits is denied, there are options to appeal. Being denied Social Security Disability benefits on an initial attempt doesn’t have to be the end of the process.

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