Many people in New York are employed at jobs where there is a minimal expectation of a possibility of a serious workplace accident occurring. Some people sit at a desk all day, while others might be on the phone or working in the service industry. For these employees, workplace injuries are rare. However, workers in other jobs face the daily possibility of being involved in a fatal workplace accident.

Some of our readers may have seen the reports that a transit worker in New York City was killed recently in an on-the-job incident. The accident occurred on November 3, shortly after midnight. The reports indicate that two transit workers were setting up warning lights in advance of maintenance work on the tracks. It isn’t clear how, but a train was on the tracks at that time and came straight at the workers. They apparently tried to jump into a small alcove in order to avoid being hit by the train, but the space wasn’t big enough for both of them.

In the ensuing collision, one of the workers, a 53-year-old man, was killed. The other, a 49-year-old man, suffered severe injuries. He received medical treatment for injuries to his torso. There were no other reported injuries, although the reports indicate that another worker was present.

A workplace injury can leave an employee dealing with days or even weeks of medical treatment and recovery, all the while unable to work and earn an income. For workers in New York who find themselves in this unfortunate position, workers compensation could be an option.

Source:, “New York City transit worker killed, another injured in subway accident,” Alan Whyte, Nov. 11, 2016