When workers in New York get injured on the job, there are some immediate concerns to address. First and foremost, injured workers need to seek the medical treatment that is necessary to address the injury and begin the path toward recovery. If the injury is serious enough, most of an injured employee’s co-workers will know about it and will, hopefully, do everything they can to let management know about the situation and get emergency medical personnel on the scene quickly. However, after the initial medical treatment is received, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order for the injured worker to get through the workers’ compensation process.

After the injury occurs, if management doesn’t know about the issue they need to be notified. The same is true if a worker becomes ill due to some cause from the job site. When an injured or ill employee is seeking workers’ compensation benefits, it must be shown that notice of the illness or injury was provided to the employer.

Next, the appropriate paperwork for a workers’ compensation claim needs to be filled out and submitted. Most employers usually have this paperwork on hand. While this may seem like a simple step, workers in New York should be aware that this step in the process needs to be completed as soon as possible – there are deadlines involved that, if missed, could result in a denial of workers’ compensation benefits.

Lastly, if the claim is denied, the injured or ill worker may need to appeal that decision. Workers who are facing a period of time with lost wages due to a workplace accident might need to fight for the benefits they believe they deserve. At our law firm, we help our clients submit workers’ compensation claims and fight through the appeals process. For more information, please visit the workers’ compensation process section of our law firm’s website.