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Get help paying for medical treatment related to a work injury

People expect to go to work and get paid. They do not expect to have their job cost them money. However, this is exactly what can happen if a workplace accident occurs. When a New Yorker is injured on the job, the person can suffer a variety of expenses.

New York grocery store to be fined for workplace accidents

Workplace safety regulations have been enacted in New York for a reason. These laws are there to keep New Yorkers safe from preventable harm in the workplace. In many situations, if these rules were properly enforced by employers, more New Yorkers would avoid workplace accidents and injuries each year.

What is an employee claim?

When a workplace injury limits or destroys a New York worker's ability to work, the worker can face both emotional and financial hardships. More specifically, they might have unexpected medical expenses, lost wages and other costs associated with the workplace injury. As this blog has discussed in the past, workers do have legal recourse when this happens. However, it is the worker's responsibility to initiate these legal claims.

The responsibilities of workers following workplace accident

Many New York workers understand that there are dangers in their workplaces. These dangerous conditions have the potential to cause serious or life-threatening injuries should an accident occur - in many professions, such risks are just part of the job. Therefore, New York employers have a responsibility to keep workplaces safe. In many cases, they have both federal and state safety regulations that must be closely followed.