People expect to go to work and get paid. They do not expect to have their job cost them money. However, this is exactly what can happen if a workplace accident occurs. When a New Yorker is injured on the job, the person can suffer a variety of expenses.

These expenses can include large medical bills for treating the injury. Everything from an ambulance ride to treatment and medications need to be paid for. If a worker is stuck with these bills, they can quickly become overwhelming. Additionally, after the initial treatment, there can be other treatments and therapies that are necessary to help a person fully heal.

The cost of healthcare in New York is not cheap. Even if a person has insurance, there can be many uncovered costs, deductibles and co-pays. Some of the treatments may not be covered at all. Workers may not even understand what portion of the expenses they owe and how much insurance should cover.

To complicate matters further, treatment guidelines have gone into place in New York that limit the types of medical treatment that workers’ compensation will pay for. These legal rules can leave people feeling frustrated and alone.

The attorneys at Silverman, Silverman & Seligman, P.C. can help to eliminate this frustration. Our experienced attorneys can assist injured workers understand their rights to medical care following a workplace injury. We can guide people through the complicated claims process, helping them obtain the compensation they need for their medical treatment.

Workers should not suffer alone following a workplace injury. Instead, our attorneys can work to help them. For more information about our firm and how we can help sort out medical expenses, please see our website.