When a workplace injury limits or destroys a New York worker’s ability to work, the worker can face both emotional and financial hardships. More specifically, they might have unexpected medical expenses, lost wages and other costs associated with the workplace injury. As this blog has discussed in the past, workers do have legal recourse when this happens. However, it is the worker’s responsibility to initiate these legal claims.

This often includes filing an employee claim with the New York Workers’ Compensation Board. For people who have never been through the process before, an employee claim can be intimidating. While this blog post cannot give specific advice on how to fill out the form, an attorney can help people in these situations.

Generally, however, an employee claim is necessary to recover expenses related to a workplace accident. The claim form — also known as a C-3 form — requires a variety of personal information. First, people need to provide the Workers’ Compensation Board with basic information about themselves and their employers. This includes their contact information, their social security number and date of birth. People must also provide information about their job, including their job title, their duties and their pay.

In addition to this general information, people need to give specific information about the injury or illness that has led to the claim, such as where and when the accident occurred, what body parts were affected and how the injury occurred. Specific information about any medical treatment that a person received as a result of the injury also needs to be disclosed to the Board.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be essential for those suffering after a workplace accident, injury or illness. Filing out and submitting an employee claim correctly can be critical in ensuring that an employee get what they need following an incident at work.