Many New York workers understand that there are dangers in their workplaces. These dangerous conditions have the potential to cause serious or life-threatening injuries should an accident occur – in many professions, such risks are just part of the job. Therefore, New York employers have a responsibility to keep workplaces safe. In many cases, they have both federal and state safety regulations that must be closely followed.

New York employers are often responsible for carrying workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This ensures that employees can get compensation for injuries suffered while at work.

While employers have many responsibilities when it comes to preventing and responding to workplace accidents, according to the New York State Workers Compensation Board, workers also have responsibilities when they are injured at work.

First, they have the responsibility to notify their employer of the injury. This must happen within 30 days of the workplace accident and must be made in writing. Employees are also responsible for notifying the workers compensation board by filing out an employee claim form. This should occur as soon as possible following an accident.

Next, employees have a responsibility to provide medical evidence about the injury. To do this people must inform their doctor that an injury is work related. They must also avoid paying for medical treatment with their own funds or with their own insurance.

Often both employers and employees have to work together to prevent workplace accidents. When employers fail to uphold their responsibilities, legal action might be necessary. In these cases, an attorney can help injured workers.