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December 2014 Archives

Managing crowds to avoid injuries

During the holiday and post-holiday seasons people flock to retail stores throughout the United States. Before the holidays, people are looking for presents for loved ones. After the holidays, people are making returns and taking advantage of clearance sales. With this increased retail traffic, retailers should know that their employees can be at risk. Without the right crowd management, retail workers can face serious injury or death by out of control crowds. In fact, as recently as 2008, a retail worker has been killed being trampled to death.

What are the most common construction site dangers?

New York construction workers often put themselves in great danger to complete a project. While many New Yorkers may enjoy the fruits of their labor, it is the workers themselves that are in the most danger. Some dangers at construction sites are obvious, but others are more subtle. This can lead people to ask -- what are the most common dangers on New York construction sites?

The risk of amputations caused by workplace accidents

New York workers are at risk for a variety of serious and life threatening injuries. Of these, amputations are some of the most serious. Amputations threaten a person's ability to live a normal life and to ever return to work. People should understand if their workplace contains a risk of amputations and how to avoid this risk. Additionally, employers should take steps to protect their employees from these dangerous -- and sometimes deadly -- workplace injuries.

We fight for New York employees

In a recent blog post, this blog explained that many of New York's workers are covered by workers' compensation laws. As this post explained, this included many governmental employees. Employees in local, state or federal government jobs are often placed in as much risk as those working in the private sector. Their injuries are also just as damaging. No matter if a person is a governmental employee or working for a private business, a workplace accident can be devastating.

Are New York state employees covered by workers' compensation?

Whether or not an employee works for the state government, the federal government or in the private sector, that employee can face risk on the job. This risk can be minimal or it can be very grave. Police officers -- governmental employees -- for example, face very serious risks at work. Many may wonder, if something goes wrong and they are injured, are they protected by workers' compensation?