Whether or not an employee works for the state government, the federal government or in the private sector, that employee can face risk on the job. This risk can be minimal or it can be very grave. Police officers — governmental employees — for example, face very serious risks at work. Many may wonder, if something goes wrong and they are injured, are they protected by workers’ compensation?

According to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, workers’ compensation covers a lot of different types of employees in New York State. In fact, almost all New York workers are protected under workers’ compensation laws.

The Workers’ Compensation Board says this includes most public employees. In fact, according to workers’ compensation law section 3, New York State employees are covered by workers’ compensation laws. This even extends to some volunteers who work with the state. Furthermore, public school teachers in the state — except for those in New York City — are also covered by workers’ compensation law section 3. Public school aides — including those in New York City — are also protected. Furthermore, if their job is defined as “hazardous”, employees of New York State municipalities or counties are also covered under workers’ compensation laws.

Finally, the Workers’ Compensation Board also has the authority to determine that any worker has coverage, as long as that worker is not in a category that has been specifically excluded under the laws.

Determining if a governmental worker has access to workers’ compensation is very important following a workplace accident. While this blog post cannot provide specific advice about whether a particular worker is covered, an attorney can help workers understand their rights.