New York construction workers often put themselves in great danger to complete a project. While many New Yorkers may enjoy the fruits of their labor, it is the workers themselves that are in the most danger. Some dangers at construction sites are obvious, but others are more subtle. This can lead people to ask — what are the most common dangers on New York construction sites?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are several common safety concerns that are frequently issues at construction sites. These risks can often be minimized with the proper safety precautions and training.

One common issue is falls. These can be caused by a number of different things. Falls can be a risk when the proper fall protection isn’t used, when ladders are used on site and when scaffolding is not properly secured. In fact, scaffolding often presents its own issues. Scaffolding collapses are a frequent source of workplace injuries on construction sites. OSHA estimates that around 2.3 million construction workers use scaffolding each year. If scaffolding was used properly, OSHA claims, around 50 lives would be saved from workplace deaths each year.

Trenches are also a common source of construction site accidents. If a trench collapses, workers can be placed in serious danger. They can suffer from lack of oxygen or suffer crush wounds. OSHA recommends that proper protective systems be used whenever a worker is in a trench.

Other potential sources for workplace injuries on construction sites include electrical hazards, failure to use safety equipment correctly and repetitive motion injuries.

There are many ways that a construction worker can be injured. However, there are also ways that these workers can be compensated for these injuries. While this blog post cannot provide legal advice, an attorney can help answer specific questions after a construction site accident occurs.