In a recent blog post, this blog explained that many of New York’s workers are covered by workers’ compensation laws. As this post explained, this included many governmental employees. Employees in local, state or federal government jobs are often placed in as much risk as those working in the private sector. Their injuries are also just as damaging. No matter if a person is a governmental employee or working for a private business, a workplace accident can be devastating.

Therefore, all New York employees — public and private — need to understand their rights to compensation following a workplace accident. In many cases, insurance companies are trying to limit their liability when it comes to workplace accidents. Therefore, they may deny a person’s claim or offer only to pay a limited amount.

New Yorkers may be tempted to take a small amount or suffer without compensation. However, our law firm knows they don’t have to. We have been working for decades to get injured workers the compensation they deserve and need following serious workplace accidents.

We can help file workers’ compensation appeals so that workers are given a fair chance at this compensation. Our firm understand that evidence that is required and the time limits that are involved. Our close attention to detail has helped workers to focus on their personal recovery as we worry about the financial recovery. Those workers that attempt to work their way through the appeals process without help can find it complicated and difficult without the right guidance.

Government workers and private workers, alike, can benefit from the knowledge of an experienced attorney. For more information on how our law firm can help those injured at work, please see our Workers’ Compensation Claims page.