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January 2014 Archives

New York EMS worker hurt after ambulance shot at

Some New York employees -- like police and firefighters -- risk their lives on a daily basis in order to help other people. Without their brave work, the people of New York would be living in a much more dangerous world. Another group of people who are constantly coming to the help of other New York residents are emergency medical service workers. EMS workers rush to the scene whenever someone is in need of medical attention. However, this can at times mean putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

Two New York construction workers hurt in fall

Without construction workers, New York would look a lot different. Construction workers are responsible for building New York's houses, roadways, buildings and more. They literally shape the state so that other people can enjoy life. In order to accomplish these tasks construction workers often risk life and limb in order to complete their work. They work in all kinds of conditions -- out in the cold, in the summer's heat, hundreds of feet off the ground and just feet from fast moving cars.

Worker killed at New York car wash

Whenever a New York worker is working with large machines, the potential for injuries exists. While employers can try to make things as safe as possible, mishaps still occur. With their massive size, and numerous moving parts cars and trucks can pose a danger to workers, even when people have a lot of experience working with these types of vehicles.

10 New York firefighters injured in blaze

This month has brought tough winter conditions to many areas across the United States, including here in New York. While many New Yorkers are choosing to stay home to avoid the ice, snow and cold, some people do not have that luxury. New York government employees, for example, including police officers and firefighters are still necessary to keep the rest of the state safe - especially in inclement weather.

New York helps businesses meet workers' compensation obligations

When a worker is injured in New York, that worker may be entitled to workers' compensation. Workers' compensation helps to cover costs associated with work-related injuries, including lost wages, medical expenses and other costs. This compensation may be one of the only ways that injured workers are able to support themselves and their families following a workplace accident.

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