Some New York employees — like police and firefighters — risk their lives on a daily basis in order to help other people. Without their brave work, the people of New York would be living in a much more dangerous world. Another group of people who are constantly coming to the help of other New York residents are emergency medical service workers. EMS workers rush to the scene whenever someone is in need of medical attention. However, this can at times mean putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

Recently, an EMS worker was injured after someone shot at an unarmed ambulance. According to reports, the worker was responding to a call when he heard a loud pop and felt something hit his hand and back. Apparently, a bullet hit the back of the ambulance and shattered its glass. Thankfully the worker was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time of the incident.

The injuries suffered by the EMS worker were not serious. However, police continue to investigate to see if they can find out who was shooting at the unarmed vehicle and why.

The shock of this bizarre story may make many New York residents angry. However, this anger will do little to help governmental workers who are hurt by senseless acts of violence. The workers’ compensation system, on the other hand, often can help. Just like for private sector employees, government workers are entitled to compensation following a workplace accident. This compensation can help to cover costs caused by the injuries that the worker suffered. This can include both lost wages and medical expenses.

Source: CBS New York, “Volunteer EMS Injured On Way To Call In Bellport When Ambulance Was Shot At,” Jan. 15, 2014