Without construction workers, New York would look a lot different. Construction workers are responsible for building New York’s houses, roadways, buildings and more. They literally shape the state so that other people can enjoy life. In order to accomplish these tasks construction workers often risk life and limb in order to complete their work. They work in all kinds of conditions — out in the cold, in the summer’s heat, hundreds of feet off the ground and just feet from fast moving cars.

In these conditions, construction site accidents can easily occur if safety precautions aren’t taken. Even when safety precautions are in place, accidents still occur that can seriously injure or kill construction workers.

In a recent accident, two New York construction workers were hurt. According to reports, the two construction workers somehow fell into a hole at their work site. While specific details about the workplace accident were unknown, however, reports are saying that at least one of the construction workers has a head injury.

Head injuries can be very serious and cause lengthy recovery times. Construction workers who suffer any kind of serious injury — from broken bones, to burns, to head and neck injuries — may need medical attention and time to heal. Most construction workers need full use of their bodies in order to be successful on the job.

In order to focus on their recovery and get back to work, many construction workers will need financial support following a workplace accident. The workers’ compensation system may be able to step in and provide this assistance. Workers’ compensation is available to many workers after they have been injured on the job. It provides money to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages and other costs.

Source: WABC, “Construction workers hurt in fall at Midtown work site,” Jan. 13, 2014