Whenever a New York worker is working with large machines, the potential for injuries exists. While employers can try to make things as safe as possible, mishaps still occur. With their massive size, and numerous moving parts cars and trucks can pose a danger to workers, even when people have a lot of experience working with these types of vehicles.

Recently, a New York worker was killed while working at a car wash. While a car wash may not seem overtly dangerous, the cars do pose a threat. In this case, reports claim that the worker was in the process of driving the car out of the wash in order to dry it. While working, the car lurched forward and the car went into oncoming traffic. While in the street, the car was hit and the man was thrown from the car. Eventually, he was hit by the car he had been driving.

Following the workplace accident, the worker was taken to a local hospital. However, he died from his injuries.

Workplace injuries — especially those that occur during unusual accidents such as this one — can be devastating to workers and their families. Many people cannot afford to take days, weeks or months off of work to recover from injuries that may include burns, broken bones, amputation, internal injuries or worse. In many cases, medical bills can also pile up as people try to recover. For the average worker, these expenses are just too much to bear.

However, under New York law employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to help pay for some of the expenses suffered by employees as they recover from workplace injuries. This compensation can help to make it as if the accident never occurred.

Source: NBC 4, “Brooklyn Car Wash Worker Struck, Killed: Police,” Jan. 12, 2014