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December 2013 Archives

New York worker burned in explosion

A New York man has been burned following an explosion. According to reports, the 54-year-old maintenance worker was working on a propane delivery truck when the explosion occurred. Apparently, fumes from the truck ignited causing the explosion. Following the explosion, the man's co-workers were able to put out the flames, but not before the man suffered workplace injuries. He was apparently burned on the legs, hands and face. However, police say that none of these injuries were life threatening.

New York doctor killed on way to hospital

Recently, a 55-year-old pediatrician was on his way to visit a patient at a New York hospital when he was struck by a car. The Mercedes-Benz -- driven by a 23-year-old -- hit the doctor in a crosswalk outside the hospital very hard, according to witnesses. Following the accident, the doctor was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries. However, doctors were unable to save the man and he later died. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Wall collapses onto 3 New York workers -- 1 fatality occurs

Products are often tested many times before they reach the hands of consumers. These tests ensure that products are safe to use and that they work correctly so that people that buy or use the products are safe. However, someone -- an employee -- actually has to create, develop and test these products. And through this testing, New York employees can get hurt.

Construction worker falls from roof and is killed

Construction jobs are crucial in New York. They help keep infrastructure safe, build people's homes and create new business. However, for the many men and women who work these jobs, going to work can be a dangerous and difficult job. Without the right safety equipment and other precautions construction workers can be put at great risk. Even when precautions are taken construction accidents can still occur because of the harsh conditions many of these workers have to work in.