Products are often tested many times before they reach the hands of consumers. These tests ensure that products are safe to use and that they work correctly so that people that buy or use the products are safe. However, someone — an employee — actually has to create, develop and test these products. And through this testing, New York employees can get hurt.

Recently, an industrial accident occurred in New York as construction worker were testing a replica Catskill aqueduct. According to reports, workers were erecting a concrete wall that was supposed to be used as part of a demo for connecting two aqueducts. While the work was ongoing, one of the concrete walls of the project collapsed and crushed three workers under the wall.

Two of the people trapped were freed within a couple of minutes. They were both sent to local hospitals to be treated for their workplace injuries. However, the third worker was trapped under the concrete for several hours before he was free. Unfortunately, he had died before the concrete was lifted.

Police and officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are both investigating the accident to try and determine why it occurred. OSHA will also try to determine if proper safety precautions were taken to try and prevent this construction accident.

Accidents, like this one, are not uncommon in New York. Employers need to do everything they can to protect workers from these dangerous accidents. However, no amount of protection will prevent every accident. For workers who have suffered from workplace injuries, workers’ compensation may be available to help alleviate some of the financial stress caused by the accident. This compensation may cover lost wages, medical expenses and more.

Source: YNN, “One killed, two injured when wall collapses in Maybrook,” Jessica Chen, Dec. 2, 2013