A New York man has been burned following an explosion. According to reports, the 54-year-old maintenance worker was working on a propane delivery truck when the explosion occurred. Apparently, fumes from the truck ignited causing the explosion. Following the explosion, the man’s co-workers were able to put out the flames, but not before the man suffered workplace injuries. He was apparently burned on the legs, hands and face. However, police say that none of these injuries were life threatening.

Despite his injuries, this man was lucky. Workplace injuries can be very severe and even result in death. Depending on the situation, some injuries may take a New York worker away for their jobs for weeks or months. In other situations, injured workers will be permanently disabled and they are never able to return to work.

Because of the possibility of severe injuries should a workplace accident occur, New York employers are encouraged to do everything they can to avoid these types of accidents. Often this means that employees should have the proper training, safety equipment and safety protocols in place. However, even if the employer has done everything right, these types of accidents and injuries still occur.

When workplace injuries effect a New York worker, that worker can turn to the workers’ compensation system for compensation. This compensation can help to cover lost wages, medical expenses and other costs caused by the injury. However, to get this coverage and employee must often provide proper documentation of the injuries that the employee has suffered including medical records. However, with the right help, a workers’ compensation claim can keep workers from suffering financially as well as physically.

Source: WIBX, “Maintenance Worker Injured When Fumes Inside Tanker Ignite,” Kristine Bellino, Dec. 18, 2013