Construction jobs are crucial in New York. They help keep infrastructure safe, build people’s homes and create new business. However, for the many men and women who work these jobs, going to work can be a dangerous and difficult job. Without the right safety equipment and other precautions construction workers can be put at great risk. Even when precautions are taken construction accidents can still occur because of the harsh conditions many of these workers have to work in.

Recently, a strong wind was blamed for causing a fatal construction site accident in New York. According to reports, a 23-year-old man was working on the roof on a project at a car dealership. Apparently, the worker was nearly 24 feet above the ground when a strong wind blew a piece of the metal roofing and the worker from the roof. The man fell to the ground.

Following the workplace accident, the construction worker was taken to a local hospital. Just over three hours after the accident occurred, the man succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the fall and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Construction accidents, like this one, are often fatal. Since construction sites include dangerous equipment, extreme heights, outdoor elements and other dangerous, injuries are likely to be very severe and life threatening. In cases of fatal workplace accidents, the families of the victims are often left both emotionally and financially devastated.

A workers’ compensation claim cannot help heal the families’ emotional pain, but it can provide the family with much needed financial support. With the right help, workers’ compensation will cover lost wages, any medical expenses and other costs caused by the worker’s death.

Source: WNYF, “Worker Identified In Fatal Construction Accident,” Nov. 19, 2013