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June 2013 Archives

New York workers must remember to register for 9/11 compensation

Workplace accidents happen all the time in New York. Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes safety rules are ignored and sometimes equipment malfunctions, but whatever the case, workplace injuries can be devastating to workers and their families.

New York worker hurt on bridge

A workplace accident can be devastating for an employee, especially if it results in injuries. A worker can be out of work for weeks, months, years or even for life because of workplace injuries. Without an alternative source of income, these injured New York workers could be left with no way to financially support their families. For many, workers' compensation may be the best option to help cover the expenses caused by the accident.

15 New York firefighters injured in roof collapse

New York's police officers and firefighters risk their lives on a daily basis to keep the people of New York safe. They literally run into dangerous situations to keep the peace or stop a blaze. While safety precautions are taken to keep these men and women safe, sometimes these government workers are still hurt on the job.

Several New York businesses cited by OSHA

While everyone hopes that they are safe at work, this is not always the case. Workplace accidents are all too common in Washington, Warren and Saratoga counties. Following these accidents the Occupational Safety and Health Administration moves in to investigate the accident.