A workplace accident can be devastating for an employee, especially if it results in injuries. A worker can be out of work for weeks, months, years or even for life because of workplace injuries. Without an alternative source of income, these injured New York workers could be left with no way to financially support their families. For many, workers’ compensation may be the best option to help cover the expenses caused by the accident.

Following a recent accident, it is unclear how long on New York worker will be away from his job. The man had been working on the Newburg-Beacon Bridge which spans the Hudson River. At the time, the man was on a scaffold-like structure working as a painter. He had been lifted to this location by a bucket on the side of the bridge. While the exact details of the accident are unclear, the man was hurt during the events. Because of his injuries, the man had to be rescued.

The workplace injuries suffered by this man should be covered by workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is available to workers to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other costs caused by the accident. However, workers’ compensation is not always automatic. In fact, workers need to apply for the compensation.

In some cases, workers need to prove the extent of their injuries in order to qualify for certain compensation. If a worker is permanently disabled, for example, that worker will need to provide medical documentation to support that finding. Gathering the information necessary to successfully apply for workers’ compensation can be difficult. However, if it is done correctly, workers can get the help they need to heal their injuries and get back to work.

Source: NBC 4 New York, “Injured Worker Rescued from Newburgh-Beacon Bridge in NY,” June 6, 2013