While everyone hopes that they are safe at work, this is not always the case. Workplace accidents are all too common in Washington, Warren and Saratoga counties. Following these accidents the Occupational Safety and Health Administration moves in to investigate the accident.

In these investigations, OSHA is trying to determine why an accident has occurred. OSHA is also trying to determine if a safety regulation was being ignored that could have prevented an accident. If safety regulations are not being followed, OSHA will issue the company a citation and a fine.

Over the five years, more than 1,200 citations have been issued to businesses in Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties in upstate New York. In the last year alone, 27 businesses have received citations in the area. Along with this past year’s citations have come large fines for the companies which ranged from more than $233,000 to just around $1,000.

Most recently, OSHA has investigated a local manufacturing company. In that investigation, OSHA officials found 28 health and safety violations. Following the investigation, the manufacturing company says that it is working with OSHA officials to fix all of the problems. Some of the problems were taken care of immediately, whereas others will require long-term restructuring and training.

Unless companies make an effort to comply with safety regulations and fix any problems that OSHA may discover, workers are going to be in danger. These safety regulations are an important part in preventing workplace accidents. Those workers who are injured in workplace accidents need to understand that they are entitled to workers’ compensation following the accident. This compensation can help cover expenses caused by the company’s failure to follow OSHA’s rules.

Source: Post Star, “In past year, dozens in local counties cited by OSHA for safety violations,” Jamie Munks, May 30, 2013