Workplace accidents happen all the time in New York. Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes safety rules are ignored and sometimes equipment malfunctions, but whatever the case, workplace injuries can be devastating to workers and their families.

Many people recognize the events of Sept. 11, 2001 as one of the gravest days in American history. However, few people may think about all the workplace injuries and illnesses that have occurred as a result of the terrorist attack. Many of the first responders, and others in and around the buildings were on duty in some capacity before, during and after the attack.

Years later, many are still struggling with injuries that occurred during the attack, the rescue efforts and during the cleanup. Others are dealing with illnesses that stem from the chemicals they were exposed to while at the World Trade Center site.

New York has created a compensation fund in order to help these victims. However, in order to be eligible for this compensation, workers must register with the program before Oct. 3. This fund will help cover economic losses suffered as a result of 9/11. These benefits can cover known injuries and injuries or illnesses — including cancer — that develop in the future. However, workers will only be entitled to these benefits if they register.

Officials in New York have begun a campaign to help bring awareness to the fund and for the need to register. If people do not register, they will not be entitled to benefits.

Like these workers, all New York workers who have been injured on the job deserve compensation to help cover the costs of the injury. The workers’ compensation system is meant to help workers financially recover from an accident so they can recover and return to work.

Source: CBS New York, “Officials Urge Those Affected By 9/11 To Register For Victim Compensation Fund,” June 24, 2013