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April 2017 Archives

The interplay between SSD benefits and workers' compensation

A Schenectady, New York, worker who gets hurt, whether on the job or otherwise, is going to need some financial help replacing his or her lost income, especially if he or she has suffered an injury that will leave him or her out of the workforce permanently.

How a workers' compensation appeal works in NY

Although every Schenectady, New York, worker who gets hurt or falls ill while on the job hopes that the workers' compensation process will go smoothly for them, such is unfortunately not always the case. Whether there is a legitimate legal dispute or an employer or insurance company is simply taking an aggressive settlement position, a worker may wind up having to pursue an appeal in order to get the benefits he or she both needs and deserves.

Mistakes that can cause you to lose your workers’ comp case

Suffering from a work injury is a serious event that can easily overwhelm you with feelings of stress, worry and helplessness. The pain you experience daily can take all your physical and mental effort to manage. Add to the equation numerous laws and policies and it is no wonder that many injured employees make mistakes when filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Construction site accident in New York kills one

Though it is every employer's duty to create a safe working environment for their employees, some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others. Therefore, it may be more hazardous to work on construction sites than it is working in an office space. This is because there are various heavy machines and building material at construction sites that can become dangerous if not operated properly. This does not excuse employers from fulfilling their responsibilities toward their employees-indeed it means that employers should create policies and regulations based on the workplace they are running.

Get guidance on how the new SSDI rules affect you

As mentioned previously on this blog, the federal regulations regarding Social Security Disability benefits have recently undergone changes. It may seem to many that as soon as they understood the process and had their papers in order, the process has changed and they no longer know whether they will qualify for benefits anymore.