Though it is every employer’s duty to create a safe working environment for their employees, some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others. Therefore, it may be more hazardous to work on construction sites than it is working in an office space. This is because there are various heavy machines and building material at construction sites that can become dangerous if not operated properly. This does not excuse employers from fulfilling their responsibilities toward their employees-indeed it means that employers should create policies and regulations based on the workplace they are running.

A recent construction site accident in New York is under investigation, as the 54-year-old work accident victim died as a result of his injuries. A load had fallen off the crane and struck the accident victim, resulting in his death. Some people are outraged over the lack of public response over the accident at the construction site.

Every worker deserves a safe working environment, and when an unsafe working environment results in a worker’s death, the family members deserve some compensation. Filing a timely workers’ compensation claim is one way to receive that compensation.

In addition to receiving financial assistance to cover expenses that arise from losing a loved one, a workers’ comp claim also highlights hazards in a workplace and raises awareness about it. An investigation may yield some negligence on the part of employers, which, when rectified, would prevent future similar workplace accidents.

Source: NY Post, ” City investigating crane accident that killed construction worker, ” Carl Campanile, April 3, 2017