As mentioned previously on this blog, the federal regulations regarding Social Security Disability benefits have recently undergone changes. It may seem to many that as soon as they understood the process and had their papers in order, the process has changed and they no longer know whether they will qualify for benefits anymore.

Though the eligibility requirements for SSD benefits have not changed, the process through which eligibility must be proven has been affected, as not only does the Social Security Administration not have to give controlling weight to what a claimant’s treating physician is saying, they could even use their own doctors to refute their claims. This could have the potential for making it harder to qualify for benefits.

However, lawyers at our firm understand that if one is eligible for benefits, then the new law actually does not change anything. What is does mean is that claimants will have to ensure that they are submitting correct and accurate information and we can help with that. We know that many claims are denied simply because documents were not filed properly, and with the changing evidentiary requirements it is even more important to ensure that your documents are in order.

If a mistake is made on an application, it could lead to allegations of fraudulent claims, but we understand that the pressure of ensuring everything is filled out correctly could lead to claimants making innocent mistakes. Let us use our expertise and knowledge in ensuring the documentation is correct and you get what you rightfully deserve. For more, visit our page.