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July 2016 Archives

Compensation following the death of a federal employee

Federal employees work hard to make sure their jobs are done correctly. Many of these jobs are central to keeping the federal government running properly, in New York and elsewhere. Without these workers, many every day Americans would see changes to their lives. However, many of these workers also risk their lives in order to do their jobs properly.

Can federal employees receive money for temporary disability?

Federal employees often work very hard at their jobs. Many play an intricate part in helping the federal government run. Without their hard work, many Americans would see an impact in their daily lives. While doing their jobs, however, many of these federal employees face difficult situations. They may suffer injuries in a workplace accident or succumb to an occupational illness. In these cases, federal employees need to understand their legal rights, including the right to compensation.

Temporary workers and workplace protections in New York

In the modern economy, it has become more popular for employers to hire temporary workers. Many employers turn to staffing agencies in order to find workers to meet a short-term need. Employers choose this route for many reasons. One of these is that often it allows employers to forgo paying long-term benefits to these employees. However, this leaves employees in a rough spot.

Public employees need workers' compensation too

Many New York workers work for private businesses. These workers are responsible for answering to their employers and following their rules and regulations. However, these private employees have legal rights. Employers must follow certain safety guidelines and provide benefits when workplace accidents occur. In most cases, private employees are entitled to workers' compensation following a workplace injury.