Many New York workers work for private businesses. These workers are responsible for answering to their employers and following their rules and regulations. However, these private employees have legal rights. Employers must follow certain safety guidelines and provide benefits when workplace accidents occur. In most cases, private employees are entitled to workers’ compensation following a workplace injury.

Private businesses, however, are not the only employees within the state. Many New Yorkers work for public employers. These include local, state and federal agencies. Public workers include police officers, postal workers, firefighters and more. Much like private employees, many of these public employees face dangerous situations on the job. They can fall victim to workplace injuries just like those in the private sector.

So, similarly to those in the private sector, public employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when a workplace accident occurs. Public employees need these benefits in order to pay for expenses related to the accident. These expenses can include lost wages, medical expenses and more.

It’s not always easy to determine whether or not a person is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Many employers will try to get out of paying these important benefits. This is where an attorney can become helpful. The attorneys at our law firm understand New York laws. We have fought for public employees so that they receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Our attorneys have experience holding employers responsible following a workplace accident. Public employees should not have to shoulder the burden of a workplace accident on their own. For more information about our law firm and workers’ compensation benefits in New York, please see our workers’ compensation benefits webpage.