In the modern economy, it has become more popular for employers to hire temporary workers. Many employers turn to staffing agencies in order to find workers to meet a short-term need. Employers choose this route for many reasons. One of these is that often it allows employers to forgo paying long-term benefits to these employees. However, this leaves employees in a rough spot.

Usually, temporary employees lack the same types of protections that more permanent employees are accustomed to. This can include on-the-job training, economic benefits and worker’s compensation. All in all, temporary workers can face dangerous workplace conditions in some cases. They may be exposed to workplace hazards that increase the likelihood of a workplace accident.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, employers and staffing agency have a joint responsibility to keep these temporary workers safe. This means that is up to both parties to ensure that workers are safe on the job. Staffing agencies must be aware of the specific risks faced by temporary workers. These staffing agencies are therefore responsible for ensuring that employees have received the necessary safety training to avoid workplace hazards.

The staffing agency must communicate with the host employer to ensure that safety regulations are being followed. Under OSHA regulations, these agencies cannot claim ignorance of a workplace situation. They are responsible for communicating with the employer to ensure that the workplace is kept safe for New York employees.

When workplaces are not safe for New York workers, many things can go wrong. Workplace accidents can lead to injuries. In the situations, workers’ compensation may be available to help pay for these costs. An attorney can explain these legal rights and help attempt to ensure that employers are fulfilling their legal obligations.