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February 2016 Archives

When does OSHA inspect New York businesses?

New York workers may feel like they are in danger when they go to work. They may encounter situations, they believe, can result in serious injuries to themselves and others. Employers are supposed to follow safety rules to prevent these types of situations. They are supposed to take proactive steps to avoid workplace injuries.

The New York Public Employees Safety and Health Bureau's role

There are a variety of different types of employees in New York. There are individuals who work for private organizations and have little or no contact with government agencies. However, there are also individuals who work for the state or for various government organizations within the state.

Helping those injured in workplace accidents

When New Yorkers go to work, they expect to do their jobs. Individuals don't expect that they will encounter a lot of obstacles in trying to get their job done correctly. In fact, most employers do everything they can to ensure that the job gets done in a timely and cost-efficient manner. However, in meeting these goals, employers can choose to ignore workplace safety laws.

Construction worker seriously injured without safety equipment

New York employers are responsible for providing proper safety equipment to workers. This is especially important for those working in dangerous fields. Construction workers, in particular, need specialized equipment to keep them safe on the job. This equipment can help prevent workplace accidents and unnecessary injuries.