There are a variety of different types of employees in New York. There are individuals who work for private organizations and have little or no contact with government agencies. However, there are also individuals who work for the state or for various government organizations within the state.

These public employees have the right to be safe at work. Just like private employees, government workers should know that they have legal protections in place to keep them safe from hazardous workplace conditions. While the federal government has the right to pass workplace safety laws, in some cases the state also steps into protect workers in New York.

The New York Public Employees Safety and Health Bureau is responsible for creating and enforcing workplace safety regulations throughout the state of New York. The New York PESH has generally adopted the same standards that are used by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. However, the PESH has also adopted other regulations specific to New York employees.

These alternative standards must be met by employers at the state level. A variety of individuals are protected by PESH rules and standards. These employees include individuals employed by school districts, local and state governmental employees and volunteer and paid fire department employees.

In addition to creating safety rules, the PESH is also responsible for enforcing these rules. This agency can enforce penalties on employers who failed to uphold proper workplace standards to keep workers safe.

Governmental workers in New York need to understand their legal rights. Whether an employee works for the government or for private company, people should go to work knowing that they are safe from harm. If a workplace accident occurs, these government employees may have the right to workers’ compensation. An attorney can help individuals understand these rights further.