New York workers may feel like they are in danger when they go to work. They may encounter situations, they believe, can result in serious injuries to themselves and others. Employers are supposed to follow safety rules to prevent these types of situations. They are supposed to take proactive steps to avoid workplace injuries.

However, employers across New York often fail to uphold safety standards required by state and federal law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for enforcing these laws. Therefore, OSHA will often need to inspect New York workplaces to ensure that businesses are in compliance with rules.

According to OSHA, there are many situations where the agency will perform an inspection of a particular business. One, OSHA will inspect a business after there have been serious injuries or illnesses reported from the business. Businesses need to report these instances and then OSHA will respond.

Two, OSHA will inspect workplaces where they believe there is an imminent risk of harm. OSHA will also inspect businesses following complaints from workers. Workers can anonymously report issues and OSHA will follow up. Additionally, OSHA will inspect workplaces that have been referred from some other agency.

Then, OSHA also has targeted and follow up inspections. With targeted inspections, the agency is inspecting workplaces in industries where workplace accidents are more common. Follow up inspections are inspections of workplaces that have previously had safety violations.

An inspection by OSHA can only do so much to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. If employers fail to follow workplace safety rules, accidents can happen. When they do happen, employees should know that they have rights to workers’ compensation. An attorney can help to explain specific legal rights for injured workers.